Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Emailing Marketing Automation Solutions for Every Business    

         + Email Marketing = 42 Times ROI

Do more with less using automation

Email Express Email marketing is One stop solution of Emailing Software, Email Delivery and Email Lists  for Entire Email marketing. Business don't need to run  for different services provider for Data or Email lists, Email Delivery Infrastructure & software or tools, EMailexpress provides you all these as bundle of services at one place as  Effective , Efficient, Realistic, Compliant and cost effective  Email Marketing Solutions.  Business can just order the services of Email Express Email marketing solution buy sharing Target Audience details like Title/Designation, Location, SICCIDE or Industry and quantity of target required, Emailexpress system will roll out the Email Campaign for clients.    

                                  "Emailexpress" Email Marketing Advantages and Benefits



      Email Automation

plan, Design, schedule, Segment, setup and execute your Email Marketing automatically. Many of professionally designed email templates,

we make it easy for you to send great looking emails that actually get delivered. Or use our drag-and-drop template editor to start sending email campaigns with few edits. No developer or designer required.


Managing Contacts

Upload existing contacts,

or to expand the reach extend order for your marketing specific targeted contacts from Us 

contacts pool will help you Pick

only needed fields of 90+% deliverable, quantity of contacts details required to meet your marketing goal with in the Budget with assured ROI. 



our robust segmentation tool

 you can develop very targeted groups of contacts   for customized messages   Automatically segment your list adds data fields for 

quick grouping, assign tags and scores Use behavioral  and engagement data to  create contact segments which improves 70 ROI of Email campaigns.

A/B Split Testing.

Send out Dual Subject lines or two messages,

avoid the guesswork from you testing process of trials. Improving conversion rates can make a bigger

 difference in your bottom line than many other marketing efforts rates can make a bigger difference in your bottom line than many other marketing efforts

Dedicated IP addresses

use a dedicated IP address 
to increase your  sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP due to someone   else’s actions.

Secured & Top-Notch 

Email Delivery Servers

Our SMTP servers send your emails using secured SSL connection. Moreover, it's lightning fast.

SPF and DKIM records

Show that it’s really your own company and domain sending the message, and minimize your campaign

get block listed by using the special cryptographic signatures SPF, DMARC, rDNS and DKIM.

List of unsubscribers

Your mailings won’t be sent to any addresses on the list of recipients who have unsubscribed.


Triggered Campaigns

Reach out your Audience by taking control of the triggered auto-responders. You can always respond by using our tools whenever users open email, click on a specific link, join your email list or even unsubscribe.


The Power of Email Personalization to Reach Humans (Not Just Inboxes) Personalize your emails based of any information you have. When you send exactly what your contacts want to see, your emails feel personal. And more people engage with

      your emails.


For each Campaign, you can track the number of messages sent out, the number of opens made and links clicked, and many other details.


Our SMTP service generates sending reports and delivery error reports. All reports can be downloaded to your


                                                Choose the plan that best fits for your Email Marketing goals

Email Marketing Lite

Email Marketing Lite

No Subscriber Data  3000 No of Email Campaigns     &nbs..

$499.00 Ex Tax: $499.00

Email Marketing Essential

Email Marketing Essential

No Subscriber Data  5000 No of Email Campaigns     &nbs..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $999.00

Email Marketing Professional

Email Marketing Professional

No Subscriber Data  10000 No of Email Campaigns     &nb..

$1,499.00 Ex Tax: $1,499.00

Email Marketing Ultimate

Email Marketing Ultimate

No Subscriber Data  20000 No of Email Campaigns     &nb..

$1,999.00 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

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